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Legal Documents

Legal documents that affect Heather Knoll homeowners are described below. Document packages for real estate transactions, containing all necessary legal documents, as well as information on any outstanding fees and other obligations to the cluster association, can be obtained from the Association Treasurer for a reasonable fee.

Articles of Incorporation

Heather Knoll Cluster Association was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia in December, 1991. All of the initial Directors were designated by the developer, William L. Berry Company, and served as Directors until 1994, when control was turned over to the home owners. The original Articles of Incorporation are available here (Adobe .pdf document opens in a new browser window). If you do not have the Acrobat Reader installed, a free copy can be obtained at download Acrobat Reader (opens in a new browser window).

Corporate Charter

A copy of the original charter of the corporation by the Commonwealth of Virginia can be viewed here (opens in a new browser window).


The Bylaws define the organization of the Association (corporation) and have been amended since the initial version was drafted in 1991. A copy of the current version, with Amendments, can be viewed here (opens in a new browser window).

Rules and Regulations

The Board of Directors has established and revised the following Rules and Regulations (open in a new browser window) concerning activities and changes that affect the cluster. Many of these rules and regulations reflect the covenants of the Reston Association, and some are unique to Heather Knoll Cluster. Virginia law gives the Board the right to enforce these rules and regulations through a legal process that includes a formal hearing process and potential fines (see link to Rules and Regulations above).

Deed of Subdivision

This Deed of Subdivision for Heather Knoll Cluster shows plats for our cluster and can be used to determine property lines.

Reston Association Governing Documents

All developers who develop property in Reston, and all homeowners who own property are required to agree to abide by the of the Reston Association. These documents can be viewed here (opens in a new browser page). This document is in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format and requires Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed, a free copy can be obtained at download Acrobat Reader (opens in a new browser window).

Standards on File with Reston Association

Reston Association keeps files for each member cluster association. This link is to a page containing the file documents for Heather Knoll Cluster.

Documents Concerning Roof Reserve

A special declaration was filed in 1993 that assigned responsibility for maintaining roofs on the buildings in Heather Knoll cluster to the Cluster Association, and empowering the Association to levy a roof reserve assessment. Those documents are available at this link.

Complaint Form

Pursuant to Chapter 29 of Title 55 of the Code of Virginia, the Board of Directors (Board) of the Heather Knoll Cluster Association has established this complaint form for use by persons who wish to file written complaints with the Association regarding the action, inaction or decision by the governing board, or association inconsistent with applicable laws and regulations.

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