Heather Knoll Cluster Association

Board of Directors Meeting

August 14, 2019


The meeting, held at Tim Schickís (1223), was called to order at 7:01 p.m.


Board Members present:Craig Downie, Tim Schick, Cate Fulkerson, Lee Thompson and Petra Raymond.



m/ Cate s/Tim The minutes of the July 17 meeting were approved.


Financial reports

Petra reviewed the financial report and highlighted area where costs are likely to increase within the next year.


m/Tim s/Lee the Board approved the financial report


m/Cate s/Tim The Board approved rolling over a $102,610 Certificate of Deposit for the roof reserve for one year at a 2.05% APY.Another CD in the amount of $40,335 that comes due in September will also be rolled over for a one-year term.



Petra reported she is working with the landscape contract to get an itemized price quote for 2020.


Craig reported that fungicide and grub treatments are scheduled for the end of the week and lime treatments for the end of the month.He also confirmed the addresses of four homeowners who have opted out of the treatments.


The board discussed diseased trees and requests from homeowners to remove trees. The Board agreed to walk around the neighborhood following the meeting to see the trees in question and to determine if they are on common or private property.It was agreed that an arborist should review the requests for tree removal.


Annual Meeting

The Board confirmed the annual meeting will be 7pm Nov. 13 at Buzz Aldrin Elementary School. The arborist and the landscape contractor will be invited to the meeting.


The next Board meeting was set for 7pm Sept 11 at Timís house (1223).


The meeting adjourned at 7:48 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Tim Schick, Secretary