Heather Knoll Cluster Association

Board of Directors Meeting

April 10, 2019


The meeting, held at Tim Schickís (1223), was called to order at 7:35 p.m.


Board Members present:Craig Downie, Tim Schick, Brad Wilson, Cate Fulkerson and Petra Raymond.


Resident present: Judith Strother (1202)


Formal Complaint

The Board reviewed a formal complaint about a homeowner planting two shrubs on common property and in close proximity to a fence.


m/ Cate s/Tim The Board, acting under the authority of the Section 1.2 and 1.3 of Heather Knoll Cluster Associationís Rules and Regulations, voted to direct the owner of 1204 to remove two shrubs from common areas by May 15. If they are not removed by that date, the Association will remove them.



m/ Petra s/Brad The minutes of the March 6 meeting were approved.


Financial reports

Petra reviewed the financial report.


m/ Tim s/ Craig The Board voted to allocate the 2018 surplus with $3,971 applied to Ground and Trees, $3,209.51 to snow removal and $42.22 to Taxes and Audits.



The Board discussed work to be performed by the landscape contractors including, complaints from residents regarding moss and replacement of sod damaged by snow plowing. Brad reported that residentsí concerns have been forwarded to the contractor.Work in the neighborhood is scheduled to begin in the next week.


The board discussed the dumping of soil from a residential project onto common area.


m/ Cate s/ Craig The board voted to notify the owner of 1272 that they are in violation of Reston Association Rules and Regulation, Section 7 which states ďDumping of any refuse including but not limited to grass clippings, leaves, Christmas trees, appliances, old sofas, crank case oil, etc. is prohibited. [Also see Amended Deed Section VI.2(b)(8) regarding storage or disposal of refuse or debris on the Common Area or in lakes is prohibited.]Ēand direct the owner to arrange for the removal of the material.


After receiving a complaint and then reviewing the property, The Board agreed to inform the owners of 1270 that leaves have accumulated around their residence and need to be removed.


The Board discussed the application of a provision in the Clusterís Rules and Regulations related to signs and agreed review how Reston Association handles the issue.


The Board reviewed a proposal from TreeLife for removal of diseased trees and pruning.


m/Tim s/ Cate The Board voted to authorize the expenditure of up to $7,300 for work selected from category 1 and category two of the arboristís bid and associated replacement plantings.


Drainage work

The Board reviewed a proposal from Drainage & Erosion Solutions for work related to ponding of water.


m/ Tim s/ Brad The Board voted to spend up to $5,000 for work on three projects identified in the Contractorís bid document. The work will include a remedy pooling of water on the sidewalk at the corner of Woodbrook Lane and Woodbrook Court and removal of silt from drainage pipes in common areas.


Authority in Presidentís Absence

m/ Tim s/Brad The Board authorized Cate and/or Petra to sign contracts and correspondence in the absence of the President.


The next Board meeting was set for 7pm May 22 at Timís house (1223)


The meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Tim Schick, Secretary