Heather Knoll Cluster Association

Board of Directors Special Meeting

March 29, 2017


The meeting held at Tim Schick’s (1223) was called to order at 7:30 p.m.


Board Members present:  Craig Downie, Tim Schick, Bob Dilger, Lee Thompson and Petra Raymond.


Guests present: Doug Raymond



m/Lee s/Bob the minutes of the Feb 22 and March 8 meeting were approved.


Financial Reports

m/Tim s/Bob the financial reports were approved.


Allocation of 2016 budget surplus

m/Bob s/Tim the Board  allocated the 2016 surplus: $1,906.60 to the landscape line item and the balance of $3,867.69 to the grounds and tree line item of the current year’s budget.


Street Paving

The board discussed details of notifying residents of the schedule for the milling and repaving of Woodbrook Ct.


Landscape work

Lee reported that he was working with residents and the landscape contractor to identify areas that would not be treated with pesticides.


M/Bob s/Lee The Board approved spending $880 with Thrive for the removal and chipping of brush, with a provision to increase the allocation to $1,000 if it costs more to perform the work on a Saturday.


The board reviewed areas of the cluster identified by the Landscape Committee for possible work this year. In anticipation of a full discussion of the Landscape Committee’s recommendations at the April meeting, the board asked Lee to get price quotes for those areas that are covered by the Master Landscape Plan.


Lee reported that he would contact the Reston Association about residents of the neighboring Lamplighter subdivision dumping brush on RA property.


 Snow Removal

The Board discussed concerns that the snow removal contractor “over cleared” snow and whether clearing snow all the way to the blacktop was necessary.


Exterior Painting

Bob and Lee agreed to work with homeowners to coordinate painting for those who wished to participate as a group.


Sign Lighting

m/Bob s/Craig The Board authorized spending up to $25 to replace the battery in the solar light that illuminates the Heather Knoll entrance sign.


Street Light Repairs

Petra reported on work to repair and replace bulbs in the cluster’s streetlights.  It was reported that a complaint had been received from a resident over the brightness of one of the lights.  It was verified that the correct wattage and model of bulb had been installed in the light.  It was suggested that the light appears brighter because grime on the lenses on the streetlight had been removed. Light sensors that turn off the light in the daytime still need to be adjusted.


Mail Box Repairs

Petra reported on repairs necessary on the mailbox that serves units 1211-1225. The post holding up the mailboxes is seriously rusted. Petra said the Post office informed her replacement posts are not available separate from a whole new mailbox installation and it is less expensive to weld repairs on the posts.  Lee agreed to get quotes from welders.


Stream Bed erosion

Lee reported that the Reston Association and water and sewer authorities were aware of the streambed erosion on RA property between the Lamplighter and Heather Knoll neighborhoods. Stream restoration work was in the early planning stages.


The next meeting was scheduled for April 17 at Tim house (1223)


The meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Tim Schick, Secretary