Heather Knoll Cluster Association

Board of Directors Meeting

December 14, 2011


The meeting, held at Alice Tripp’s (1239) came to order at 7:34 p.m.

Board Members present:  Bob Dilger, Matt Roland, Jason Goldberg, Scott Parkin and Alice Tripp

Guest:  Matt Miller

The Board at its first formal meeting elected officers. 

Jason nominated Bob Dilger for President, seconded by Matt.  Unanimous.  

Bob nominated Alice for Secretary/Treasurer, seconded by Matt.   Unanimous. 

It was agreed that Matt, Jason, and Scott would hold Vice President titles.

Secretary’s report - Jason moved the November 17, 2011 minutes be accepted as written.  Seconded by Matt.  Unanimous.

Treasurer’s report – Alice shared the most recent budget figures as well as the amounts in the reserve funds.  If there are no further expenses, we will come in about $800 under budget for 2011.  She will mofidy the reserves report going forward to include amounts collected yearly in addition to the cumulative.

Scott moved to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented.  Seconded by Bob.  Unainmous. 

Following the report, Matt Miller asked some questions about finances and recommended compensation for the Board.  It was noted that the Association’s By-Laws prohibit Board members from receiving compensation for their services and the current Board has no intention of changing that policy.

Social Committee report – Gloria Dilger has volunteered to serve as a member of the social committee and Jason volunteered to join her.



Landscape Committee report – No one from the committee attended the meeting, however, Alice reported that the stump in front of 1216 should be ground and the new tree planted before the end of the week.  She also shared the signed contract for more tree line trimming beginning in February and March.   Erosion issues will also be addressed early next year.   The Board had questions about the 10-year plan.   Alice will ask Ellice to meet with the Board to go over the plan and its implementation.

Following a discussion of how vendors are paid for work on grounds and/or trees, Jason moved that the Landscape Committee and the Treasurer could incur expenses for landscape work up to $600 without board action.  However, the Board will continue to expect a report on these expenses at its next scheduled meeting.  Motion made by Jason, seconded by Scott.  Approved.

Old Business:

            Update on status of contracts – Alice reported we presently have two ongoing contracts:  one with Genesis for landscape services, which has two more years to run; and, one with AAA Recycling and Trash, which will expire in December of 2012.

 Our snow removal contract is done yearly and last year’s contractor is not renewing due to health reasons.  Previous board member Sumeet Chawla looked for bids from new snow removal contractors for 2012.   Motion made by Scott, seconded by Matt, to award Genesis Landscapes the 2012 snow removal contract.  Unanimous.

Jason made a motion that all contracts by signed by two board members and that the Treasurer be one of those unless the Treasurer is unavailable.  Motion seconded by Matt.  Unanimous.

Roof Reserve documents - Bob and Scott worked on a document to be sent to association members and posted on the website.  Jason moved to approve the roof reserve document with corrections and that it be put on the website with e-mail notification to residents.  Seconded by Scott.  Unainmous.

            Street light by path to Woodbrook Lane- Matt had no report at this time.

Speeding on Woodbrook Court –The Board reviewed ideas Jason researched on movable speed bumps in reaction to member complaints about speeding.




New Business:

Environmental discussion – Jason is looking at lighting suggestions and other “green” ideas for later discussion by the Board.

Communication methods- The Board discussed the best way to communicate with the community and to solicit input from association member.  There was agreement that members should be encouraged to bring questions or concerns directly to the Board so they can find an appropriate response/solution rather than posting to an online forum, such as Google Groups.

Other – Following a short discussion, Jason moved, seconded by Scott, that the Treasurer look into changing banks.  Unanimous

Date and Place for next meeting – The third Tuesday of every month has been chosen as the anticipated schedule and locations will rotate.  The next meeting is scheduled for January 17, at 7:30 p.m. at Bob Dilger’s (1268).

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,