Heather Knoll Cluster Association

Board of Directors Meeting

November 17, 2011



At the scheduled November meeting, the 2011 retiring board members (Judy Holmes, Sumeet Chawla, and Mary Erard) met informally with the newly elected board (Bob Dilger, Jason Goldberg, Scott Parkin, and Matt Roland) and continuing member, Alice Tripp, to bring the new members current with issues that will spill over into 2012. 

Topics touched on included the reserves, especially the roof reserve, and how these monies are collected and accounted for; the legal opinions surrounding the roof reserve in particular; how the treasurer does reporting to the board; contracts that need to be signed and/or renegotiated; and, ways to better interact with cluster residents; and others possible topics which will be addressed by the new board over the next year.

Bob and Scott volunteered to work on a draft of a statement regarding the history of the roof reserve.  A draft should be available at the new board’s first meeting, December 14th (7:30p.m. at Alice’s (1239).

It is with thanks to Mary Erard for hosting and providing refreshments for the orientation, as well as her year on the board; to Sumeet, for his contributions over his year serving on the board; and to Judy, for her three years of endeavors that the 2012 board will begin service with a more firm grasp of what is hoped can be accomplished for the Heather Knoll Cluster community in the upcoming year.


Respectfully submitted,

Alice Tripp