Heather Knoll Cluster Association

Board of Directors Meeting

August 3, 2011

Board Members Present:  Judy Holmes, Lew Barr, Sumeet Chawla, Mary Erard, Alice Tripp

The meeting which was held at Sumeet Chawla’s (1247) was called to order at 7:24 p.m.

Time allotments for specific agenda topics were moved by Lew, seconded by Alice.   Approved.

Secretary’s Report – Sumeet moved to accept the minutes from the meeting of July 20, 2011.  Seconded by Mary.  Unanimous.

Treasurer’s Report – There are three units delinquent for the third quarter.  All have been notified and a second statement will be sent by the Treasurer.

Social Committee – No report at this time.

Landscape Committee – Judy has asked Brian McCann to try and put together by October 1, a base line of expenses for the next phase of the 10-year plan.  He has indicated that will be done.  Alice presented a proposal from Genesis to finish some of the plantings behind Area #6.  Sumeet moved, seconded by Lew, that $588 be expended to partially complete the job.  Planting will be done in the fall of this year.  The remainder will be put off until 2012.  Alice has the action on this with Ellice and Genesis.

Old Business:

Roof Reserve – After much discussion on the best ways to approach completion of roof work in the Cluster, Lew moved that the Board draft another letter to Ken Chadwick asking for specific answers to prior concerns and additional ones posed in discussion, not to exceed $1,000.00 in expense to the Board.  Motion was seconded by Sumeet.  Motion passed 5-0.  Judy and Lew will draft the letter with input from the other members of the Board.

Street light out and damaged – Judy has a call out to an electrician to see if he will come out and look at the light in front of 1216 as well as the light on the upper island that has begun to have problems.

Sidewalk Repairs – Lew reported that A-1 Concrete Leveling has addressed concerns he raised with them and that their work includes caulking.  Judy moved that A-1 be contracted to do the sidewalk leveling as outlined in their proposal of July 19 and clarified in an August 2 e-mail.  Mary seconded.  The cost for this project will be $920, funds to come from the Sidewalk  Reserves.  The motion was approved.

Pet Waste Dispensers – Sumeet has gathered information on setting up dispenser stations. Discussion followed.  It was suggested a pilot program be tried, with one dispenser, to see if it would be effective.  Lew moved, seconded by Mary, to have ZeroWasteUsa.com supply one dispenser at the cost of $129 for a pilot program.  Motion approved, 4-0, with one abstention.

Revising Exterior Paint Color Standards- No action at this time.

Street:  cracks need filling; seal-coating – Mary has reviewed the 2009 proposal file, will contact the ones that were most competitive and will then solicit updated bids.

Speeding on Woodbrook Court – Some discussion took place with no conclusion reached at this time.  This item will be revisited at another meeting.

New Business:

Homeowner complaint re: vandalism and blocked parking spaces– Since there is nothing that can be done at this time, the item will be removed.

House #1221 missing on curb – Judy contacted ARAsphalt Restoration about the missing number.  They will, within the next few weeks, repaint the curbing, moving 1219 further to the left and adding 1221.

Rules & Regs study group – No action at this time.

No time was allotted for discussion of the 2011 Virginia Legislative update; establishment of an Architectural Review Committee; and, establishment of a Finance Committee, at this meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

Next meeting will be August 18th at Mary Erard’s (1246), 7:30p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Alice Tripp,