Heather Knoll Cluster Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

June 22, 2011


The meeting was called to order at 7:30.

In attendance were Judy Holmes, Lew Barr, Mary Erard and Sumeet Chawla.  Also attending were homeowners Jason Goldberg and Bob Dilger.

The minutes were moved by Lew, seconded by Sumeet and unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  In the Treasurer Alice Tripp’s absence, the president distributed a YTD snapshot of budgeted vs. expended items which was accepted by those present.  Of the $14,000 budgeted for Grounds/Trees, approximately $12,000 has been expended (including $625 pending approval) – this may prevent us from enacting any other recommendations of the 10-yr plan this year. In regards to quarterly assessments, one owner is one quarter behind and has agreed to bring it current along with the 3rd quarter’s assessment. Sumeet moved to approve Treasurer’s report, seconded by Mary, unanimous.

Social Committee:  The president conveyed Heidi Wilson’s resignation from the chair of the Social Committee.  Bob Dilger then announced that his wife, Gloria, is interested in being on the committee.  The president happily appointed Gloria Dilger to chair the committee.

Landscape Committee:  The president reported on behalf of the Landscape Committee that the re-sodding work behind 1262-1256 which had been approved at the last board meeting has been done.  The deeper woodline pruning/clean-up is still in the offing.

Old Business

Roof Reserves:  Jason Goldberg expressed that he is ready to replace his roof, but doesn’t yet have agreement from his neighbor at 1272.  He has obtained 5 or 6 bids and was told that as many as 15 sheets of plywood may need to be replaced.  He is very concerned about a potential failure and the fact that a fresh water stain has appeared in two places in the upstairs nursery bedroom.  He asked the board for assistance in moving forward with replacement.

There has been no written response to date on the board’s request for a cost estimate for a legal opinion from attorney Ken Chadwick.  Judy has twice followed up and will do so again.

Sidewalk Repairs:  At least 8 sidewalk squares have been identified as cracked. Lew has identified five contractors from whom he will solicit bids.  He has an e-mail drafted that will go out in the next day or two.

Street Light Out:  No new information.

Pet Waste Dispensers:  Sumeet presented his research and some details on cost options from ZeroWasteUSA.  The number of dispensers needed (three or four) was discussed, along with the option of installing one or two on a pilot basis. Due to the treasurer’s absence, action on this item was tabled for the next meeting.

Exterior Paint Colors:  No discussion.

Street Cracks/Seal-coating:  Mary has taken over this task from Judy.  Sandy D’Acunto has volunteered to assist. The option to leverage sidewalk repairs with the potential bidders was suggested.

Speeding:  Sumeet has been doing some research on this subject.  He will circulate a link to a useful study that was done in a small town in CT.


New Business

Rules & Regs:  There was lively, yet impromptu discussion about how our Rules & Regs originated, whether all of them are still appropriate, how we might institute an examination of them and how the board can enforce them.  Because this topic was not part of the agenda, it was agreed the board would take it up at a later meeting.

All other new business items were also tabled for a later meeting.

Next Board Meeting:  July 21st at Sumeet’s house, 1247.


The meeting adjourned at 9:20.