Heather Knoll Cluster Association
Board of Directors Meeting
April 19, 2011

Board Members Present:  Lew Barr, Judy Holmes, and Alice Tripp

Absent:  Sumeet Chawla and Mary Erard

Guest:  Brian McCann, Landscape Committee Chairman

Meeting called to order at 7:35 p.m.

Landscape Committee Report:  Brian brought the listing and costs to do the tree removal and stump grinding in Area #6 of the ten-year master plan.  Alice moved the work be done in the amount of $1,590, seconded by Lew.  Approved.  The cost for seeding and/or sod will be determined at a later time.

Treasurer’s Report:  There is one unit not fully paid through first quarter and as of last week, five behind for second quarter.

Secretary’s Report:  Lew moved the Board accept the minutes of the March 17th meeting as written.  Seconded by Judy.   Unanimous.

Old Business:

Roof Reserve:  Judy noted an opinion would be forthcoming from Scott Dolgoff’s lawyer with regard to mandatory funding of the reserves.  When that is received, the Board will determine if action is necessary.  Judy will contact owners who did not respond to the Board’s letter by the March 31 deadline and ascertain their positions.

Speeding on Woodbrook Court:  Some discussion took place with one suggestion that we consider grooving the pavement.  The Board will look into this the next time road repairs are done.

New Business:

Sidewalk Repairs:  Judy indicated she had walked the entire neighborhood, finding only a couple of places where the sidewalk has sunk.  This is an action item for Lew.

Streetlight:  On for the next meeting.  Judy will attempt to tape the broken plate back into place.

Mail box painting:  We have quote for $650 to paint all six mailboxes.  It was suggested that using paint that would not allow things to be stuck to it would be prudent. Alice moved that we authorize up to $700 due to the possible higher cost of the special paint.  Seconded by Lew.  Approved.

Pet waste bag dispensers:  Tabled for another meeting.

Architectural Review Committee:  Judy briefly told the Board what she saw this possible committee doing.   Item will be discussed at a later meeting.

Finance Committee:  No decision was made, but Judy did report that a member of the Cluster has asked for copies of bank statements and other materials.  Judy will inform the neighbor of the procedure to follow to obtain this information.

Fairfax County Police Department:  Every three years it is necessary to give permission for the Police Department to enforce County Codes regarding parking and traffic violations in private clusters.  Lew moved we give the permission, seconded by Alice.  Approved.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 19th.  Location to be determined.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,
Alice Tripp