Heather Knoll Board Meeting
September 20, 2010

In attendance:   Board Members Alice Tripp, Bill Malyszka, Heidi Wilson, Judy Holmes and Kurt Lane

Call to order at 7:38 p.m.
Minutes from the meeting of Aug 19th were not yet available.

Treasurer’s Report:    No report; there were no significant financial transactions since the last meeting.

Landscaping:    Our RFP is out to market; bids are due by Oct 1.

Maintenance:  Branches were trimmed away from the photocell light at the entrance sign so the light will not stay on during daylight hours.
The stop sign install has been postponed until Kurt can confirm what, if any, guidance exists at RA regarding using concrete or not.

Social:   The annual picnic was enjoyed by approximately 25 adults and children.

Old Business:   Rear lighting fixture – In regard to Matt Miller’s pending request, and a new matter that has arisen with Michelle and Wayne Edwards’s rear deck light, Kurt and Heidi are going to take pictures of all existing rear light fixtures and then will meet with our RA advisor, Lucy Renault.  The purpose of this is two-fold: 1) To permanently correct RA’s records as to what the existing approved fixtures are, and 2) To file a revision to the existing description of permitted rear fixtures.

Roof reserve issue (continued) – The board discussed the comments from last month’s meeting and a motion subsequently was submitted.  MOTION:  Kurt moved that the board expend up to $1,000 to obtain the services of a lawyer to provide counsel around our roof reserve issue and the process of our ballot; 2nd JH.   Carried 5-0.

The meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the board is Thursday, Oct 21.


Respectfully submitted,
Judy Holmes
Secretary, Board of Directors