Heather Knoll Board Meeting
August 19, 2010

In attendance:   Board Members Alice Tripp, Heidi Wilson, Judy Holmes and Kurt Lane
Absent:  Bill Malyzska

Homeowners:  Edie Fleming 1249, Lee Thompson 1264, Bud Tripp 1239, Mickey Alford-Lane 1237, Cate Fulkerson 1237, Lew Barr 1270, Sandra D’Acunto 1276, Scott Parkin 1227, Richard Zwicker & Mary Erard 1246, Matt Miller 1204, Mary O’Neil 1250, Petra & Doug Raymond 1243, Tim Benitez 1223, Jean Beckwith 1240, Linda Mackey 1262, Amy Bohnslav 1242, Brian McCann 1231, Ellice & Andy Stern 1266 and Brad Wilson 1225

Call to order at 7:06 p.m.
Roof Reserve Discussion:    HW gave a detailed overview of the background, process and current standing of the roof reserve and the balloting.  Each homeowner in attendance who wanted to comment was given 3 minutes to speak.

 A short break was taken and the meeting reconvened at 8:45.

Minutes of the July 15th meeting were moved by KL; 2nd by AT and carried 4-0.

Treasurer’s Report:    AT presented a YTD report.  HW moved; KL 2nd and it carried 4-0.

Landscaping:  A neighbor on Woodbrook Lane has advised that a tulip poplar on our property is in danger of falling on his property.  Ellice Stern has had our arborist look at it and agrees it is diseased and should come down.  The cost to take down the tree and remove the wood is $400.  HW moved to have this done; KL 2nd and it carried 4-0.  This action is subject to approval by RA.

A tree on common property at the rear of Michael Buchner’s home is too big for the space and is preventing full enjoyment of his and his neighbor’s property.  The cost to remove is $150.  AT moved to remove the tree, pending approval by RA; 2nd by JH and it carried 4-0.

Maintenance:  Kurt Lane and Jeff Bohnslav will install the stop sign this weekend. 

Social:   The cluster annual picnic is scheduled for the afternoon of Sept 11th with a Sept 12th rain date.  More information to come.

Homeowners’ Concern:  

  1. Matt Miller requested that the board send a letter to the DRB stating that the standards at the rear of the homes are slated to be reviewed and requesting the DRB grant an extension regarding Matt’s rear lights.  Cate Fulkerson volunteered to walk it through an approval process.  Kurt Lane will draft a letter for all board members to sign.
  2. Mickey Alford-Lane spoke on the continued issue of guests, service people and residents ignoring the 15mph speed limit on Woodbrook Ct.  Judy Holmes suggested that the board send a letter to any resident who was observed speeding.  The letter would request they be more aware of their speed for the good of all residents, particularly children.   Kurt Lane suggested that a friendly reminder letter be sent to each resident specific to this issue.
  3. Dogs off leashes continues to be a problem.

The meeting adjourned at 9:50 p.m.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the board is Sept 16th; however, it may need to be rescheduled due to lack of a quorum because of board member travel.


Respectfully submitted,
Judy Holmes
Secretary, Board of Directors