Heather Knoll Board Meeting
April 29, 2010


In attendance:  Homeowner Matt Miller, Landscape Committee Chair Ellice Stern and Board Members Alice Tripp, Heidi Wilson,   Kurt Lane and Judy Holmes
Call to order at 7:40 p.m.

Homeowner Discussion:
Matt Miller (1260) requested a determination on whether or not he could get his paint reserve if he were to paint his own house when the rest of the building is painted.  There is no precedence for this, but there was no individual or collective opinion against it.  Without a motion, approval was given for this with all in agreement.

Matt also asked to discuss the lights at the rear of his house which are not in compliance with HK or RA.  He is agreeable to replacing them, as required by RA’s criticism, but wanted some understanding on the history and what could be accomplished if he appealed it.  We explained that compliant lights are available and that we would have no rationale for requesting a variance.

Treasurer’s Report
AT reported that we have spent $3,240 on tree work out of our $10,000 budget; that we paid $6,401 for snow removal, some of which was for December 2009; and we paid $82 in federal taxes and $6 in state taxes.  Everything else is tracking fine.

Ellice reported that she did a walk-around with both Genesis Landscaping and American Arborist in the last couple of weeks and she presented proposals from each for turf and tree damage due to the winter storms.  Several items were deferred, but agreement was reached on repairing the private property areas (McCann and Zekri) and to also reclaim the area around the recent stump removals.  KL moved to approve repair of sod/turf damage caused by the snow stacking within Woodbrook Ct and to accept proposals from Genesis in the amount of $1,290 and from American Arborist in the amount of $635 to repair previously identified grassy areas and to do some tree work; 2nd by HW.  Carried 4-0.

JH moved to expend $29.95 plus the cost of shipping and tax for a replacement stop sign; 2nd by KL.  Motion carried 4-0.  Kurt and Bill have volunteered to install a new post, etc. and may wrangle assistance from Jeff Bohnslav.

KL reported on the egg hunt that went off last month on a gorgeous spring day.  Approximately 9 children enjoyed lots of fun and good times at Kurt and Mickey Lane’s home.  Also contributing to the fun were Mary and Bill Malyszka.  Thanks to all!


KL moved approval of the minutes from Mar 18; 2nd by AT.  Carried 4-0.


The meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,
Judy Holmes
Secretary, Board of Directors