Heather Knoll Board Meeting
November 19, 2009


Members in attendance:  Alice Tripp, Bill Malyszka, Heidi Wilson, Kurt Lane and Judy Holmes                                                                      
Call to order at 8:55pm.

In light of the fact that replacement fixtures are, in fact, available for the garage and rear light fixtures, the board has elected to withdraw its application to RA for an exception, which application was made at the request of Mason Knowles at 1260.   Motion carried 4-0 with 1 abstention

After a report by Bill in which he detailed negotiation of lower rates and better terms, it was moved to accept 3-yr contract with AAA for trash removal and recycling beginning 1/1/2010 at a rate of $19.00; moved by AT, 2nd by HW.  Motion carried 5-0.

Adjourned at 9:22.


Respectfully submitted,
Judy Holmes
Secretary, Board of Directors