Heather Knoll Board


September 15, 2009


Members in attendance:  Alice Tripp, Bill Malyszka, Heidi Wilson and Judy Holmes                                                                      Homeowners in attendance:  Edie Fleming, Katherine and Larry McDermott

Call to order at 7:35pm.

Approval of the minutes of Jul 22nd was moved by JH, 2nd by BM; carried 4-0.                                                                                      Approval of the minutes of Aug 4th was moved by HW; 2nd by BM; carried 4-0.

Treasurer’s Report

Alice reported on the status of the 2009 budget vs. expenditures to date. 

Roof reserves have been requested by 20 owners for replacement. 

Discussion was opened as to the 2010 Budget.  Additional funds likely will need to be budgeted for the Landscaping and Grounds and Trees line items.  The board is entertaining an opinion and estimate from a local landscape architect to develop a long-term plan; Bill will work with Ellice to contact Kate Davidson and Larry McDermott has volunteered to contact another architect.

The board will add a Social Activities line item to the budget.



Bill moved to expend up to $450 to reclaim the land where the trees have been, or will be, removed adjacent to 1210, 1216 and 1249-51; 2nd by JH; carried 4-0.



Garbage proposal is tabled until next meeting.



Social Committee – No report because Kurt was not in attendance due to illness.


Heidi reported a great turnout and lots of fun at the Community Picnic this past Saturday, with about 50 people in attendance.

She also reminded folks that the Committee is planning a Halloween event and details are forthcoming.





  1. The first issue of the newsletter, Heather Knoll Happenings, was distributed last week.
  2. An updated version of the Rules & Regs, which has been in effect for several years, will be posted on the website.



Next meeting is set for Tues, Oct 6th, at 7:00pm at 1239.


Adjourned at 9:30.



Respectfully submitted,

Judy Holmes

Secretary, Board of Directors