Heather Knoll Minutes



Attendance:   Alice Tripp, Bill Malyszka, Heidi Wilson

Called to order 7:35pm

    Alice moved we allow $100 to trim the tree in the woods touching unit 1264. Seconded by Bill- Approved 3-0.

   Alice moved we allow $380 for tree removal plus $50 for the stump grinding requested by Zekri at 1210. The tree is growing under the side walk causing it to be unlevel. This would need to be approved by RA before removal.  Bill seconded. Approved 3-0.

  This brings the total cost of tree work this year to $4870, which is $670 over our tree budget if all three trees requested for removal by neighbors are approved by RA and removed (Otto’s, Zarrow’s, and Zekri’s).

    Ellice was notified of these items and she will communicate them to the neighbors involved.


  We reviewed the terms of the board officers:

Alice  expires  12/09          Bill  expires 12/10              Judy expires  12/11

Heidi  expires  12/10         Kurt  expires  12/11


Meeting adjourned 8:30pm

Heidi Wilson