Heather Knoll Board


July 22, 2009


Members in attendance:  Alice Tripp, Bill Malyszka, Kurt Lane, Heidi Wilson, and Judy Holmes                                                           Homeowner in attendance:  Gina Otto

Call to order at 7:35pm.

Approval of the minutes of May 13th was moved by JH, 2nd by BM; carried 5-0.                                                                                      Approval of the minutes of Jun 16th was moved by HW; 2nd by KL; carried 5-0.

Treasurer’s Report

Neighbor A, which is the foreclosed property, is still delinquent, but the bank’s realtor paid two-thirds of the dues for the 2ndQ and has paid the 3rdQ dues in their entirety.

Neighbor B is still delinquent by approximately $400.


Prior to the meeting 4 members of the board walked through the community with Ellice Stern to view the tree issues that were contained in several e-mails between Ellice and the board, wherein the recommendations of our arborist were detailed and costed.

JH moved to expend $3,525 to do all of the items in Ellice’s e-mail to the board dated July 2nd, 2009, and to add the removal of two pine trees - one adjacent to the Ottos and one adjacent to the Zarrows; BM 2nd and it carried 5-0.


AT moved to have BM procure an electrician to repair the street light adjacent to 1216; JH 2nd – carried 5-0.

KL moved to expend no more than $350 to treat and eradicate the wasps nests adjacent to 1278; BM 2nd – carried 5-0.

There was a lengthy discussion about the legal opinion that was obtained from attorney Bill Fogarty at Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley, Emrich and Walsh re the roof reserve.  The purpose of the opinion was to advise the board on two points:

  1. Is Heather Knoll a condo association or a homeowners association?                                                                  
  2. Is a roof reserve required by statute, by RA, by our by-laws or any other document?

Mr. Fogarty confirmed that Heather Knoll is a homeowners association and that it wouldn’t otherwise be required to have a roof reserve; however, the builder filed a Supplemental Declaration to our Deed of Subdivision, which states that the Association is responsible for “maintenance, repair and replacement of the roofs” and that “the Association shall establish and maintain a separate reserve fund for repairs and replacement (in whole or in part) of any roof(s)”.  It was decided that the board will advise the community of these findings and present options at the annual meeting.


Social Committee

The annual picnic will be scheduled for Sept 12th at 4:00; rain date is the 13th at 2:00.  Attendees will be asked to bring their own beverages, meat and a side dish or salad.


Next meeting is set for Tues, Sept 15th, at 7:30pm at 1276, Sandy and Judy’s house.


Adjourned at 9:23.



Respectfully submitted,


Judy Holmes

Secretary, Board of Directors