Heather Knoll Board


June 16, 2009


In attendance: Alice Tripp, Bill Malyszka, Kurt Lane, Heidi Wilson, Jim LaJeunesse (proxy for Judy Holmes)

Called to order at 7:30pm

    This was a special meeting of the board to vote on the proposed amendment to the cluster by-laws. The amendment had been tabled to allow for neighbor comments and questions from the meeting on Saturday, June 13, 2009. The amendment passed 5-0. The amendment reads:

"In those instances where an end unit and an interior unit of a building share a contiguous roof and the owners of those units agree to replace the roof of both units, and there also exists a defined separation [delineation] between the interior unit and the other interior unit in the building, the roof reserve funds of the end unit and adjoining interior unit may be released for full replacement of the entire roof – both front and rear – of those two units.

  Heidi Wilson (seconded by Bill) moved that we find out if Heather Knoll is legally obligated to have roof and paint reserves and allotted up to $1,000 in legal fees if needed to find out this information. Passed 5-0.


  Kurt Lane will facilitate a meeting of the neighbors and the contractor that did their roof recently to answer questions related to roofing. It was noted that most neighbors have between $1400-1600 in their reserves.

    Noted that Wilson’s returned the $414 to the cluster for the tree replaced in the common area near their home that was recently voted on in May. Wilson’s did submit a bill for $155 for the stump to be removed for the tree that the cluster removed last fall.

Next board meeting will be held Wednesday July 22 2009 at 7:30 at Wilson’s 1225

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.