June 13, 2009


Meeting of the Board – JHolmes, KLane, BMalyszka, ATripp and HWilson in attendance

Homeowners attending: Andy Stern @ 1266, Petra & Doug Raymond @ 1243, Lew Barr @ 1270, Brad Wilson @ 1225 and Fred Souk @ 1211

Call to Order:     12:05


HW read subparagraph 4 of Amendment I to the by-laws which states:  The roof reserve is intended solely for the complete replacement of building roofs as recommended for [by] a qualified professional.  It is not for interim or emergency repairs that are usually covered by homeowner’s insurance and which are the responsibility of the individual homeowner.

She then proposed for discussion that the board consider amending the by-laws to release funds to any two homeowners who comprise an end unit and a contiguous interior unit, the owners of which then replace their entire roofs. 

The board opened the floor for discussion.

  1. There were concerns voiced as to whether or not our roof systems are separate enough to have 1 or 2 homeowners replace their roofs without negatively affecting a contiguous neighbor. 
  2. Questions were asked about matching shingles and needing to change from metric to American; there are two examples of full roof replacements which have already been done and there is no noticeable evidence between the new and existing old roof of the neighboring house.
  3. Concerns were raised about roofers who will not warranty the replacement of an interior roof unless the end unit roof is also replaced, and vice versa.
  4. Also mentioned was abolishing the roof reserve in its entirety; however, there was not enough information as to whether or not an HOA is required to maintain a roof reserve.  Several people recommended consulting a lawyer on this point.
  5. Several homeowners noted that the reserve is presently well short of the approximate cost to replace an entire building’s roof and/or an individual unit’s roof.  [Depending on how much, if any, of the plywood needs to be replaced, the cost of replacing an interior unit roof ranges from $6,300 to $7,500 – based a recent estimate.  The cost to replace a full building roof ranges from $20,000 to $30,000 depending on the same question as to the plywood, based on the cost incurred by one building that recently did a full replacement.]
  6. Other points of discussion were:
    1. Abandoning the original premise of one building, one roofer, one warranty.
    2. The potential of having an uncooperative neighbor who won’t/can’t replace their roof.


Motion:  HW moved to add the following language to subparagraph 4 of Amendment I of the by-laws:  In those instances where two units share a contiguous roof and there also exists a defined separation between the interior units, the individual unit’s roof reserve funds may be released for full replacement of the entire roof – both front and rear – of those units; seconded by KL.  [No vote was taken.]

Discussion continued and concerns were raised about taking action on the motion without first vetting it with the community at large.  The motion was tabled in favor of distributing it to the community for consideration and comment.

The president asked the secretary to distribute an e-mail to this effect and to request feedback by Tues, the 16th, at 5:00.  The board will then reconvene to consider the community’s comments and the motion.

The meeting adjourned at 1:26.


Respectfully submitted,

Judy Holmes