April 1, 2009


Special Meeting of the Board – JHolmes, JLaJeunesse, ATripp and HWilson in attendance

Invited Guests:  Kurt Lane and Bill Malyszka


Call to Order:     7:35


Kurt and Bill both briefed the board members on his respective interest in serving on the board. 

Motion:                                HW moved Bill Malyszka to fill the board vacancy and to assume the position of VP of Maintenance and Landscaping; AT 2nd, carried 4-0


Motion:                                AT moved to create a Social Committee and to appoint Kurt Lane as chair; HW 2nd, carried 5-0

Kurt will write a purpose statement for the committee and will circulate to the Board for approval.         

Motion:                                JL moved to create a social committee line item to fund a discretionary budget and to allocate $100 out of the snow removal line item; HW 2nd, carried 5-0


AT reported an offer from an electrical company to survey our property and report any issues to the board.  The proposed cost is $98.

Motion:                                JL moved to approve up to $200 to get a street light repaired and to fund any other electrical work that may be deemed necessary by BM as vp of maintenance and landscaping; AT 2nd, carried 5-0


AT reported with add’l info on a flat rate proposal for snow removal which was tabled at the March 11th meeting.  After considering 10 yrs of data for snow removal costs, it was the collective opinion of the board that this is not cost effective for Heather Knoll.

AT also reported receiving an offer from Genesis Landscaping to remove sand that was put down in winter for a cost of $600.  This was also tabled for future discussion if rain didn’t naturally take care of washing the sand away and/or homeowners may be asked to sweep the area in front of their properties.

The board received an unsolicited quote from a waste removal company; BM will look into this further and will report any findings.


The meeting adjourned at 8:25.               


Respectfully submitted,

Judy Holmes