Mar 28, 2009


Special Meeting of the Board – JHolmes, JLaJeunesse and HWilson in attendance



Call to Order:     10:00


Three bids were obtained for painting the curbs, house numbers, yellow crosshatch, parking lines and a 4” yellow road line at the curve near the lower island.

Motion:                                Asphalt Restoration Technologies’ proposal in the amount of $1,390.00 and to expend the funds out of the sidewalks reserve.  HW/JH, carried 3-0


Wayne Edwards solicited the Board’s sign-off on a Reston Association Design Review Board Application he is preparing in order to get a variance on fencing material at his property.  He has also volunteered to submit a similar application on behalf of Heather Knoll to request the same variance for the community at large.

Motion:                                To work with Wayne Edwards to draft an app to RA for a variance on fencing repair/replacement materials to include pine in addition to cedar.  JH/JL, carried 3-0


A meeting will be scheduled for April 1 at 7:30 for the primary purpose of meeting with Kurt Lane and Bill Malyszka, both of whom have expressed interest in the open board position.


The meeting adjourned at 10:57.


Respectfully submitted,

Judy Holmes