March 11, 2009


Board Meeting – JHolmes, JLaJeunesse, BMcCann, ATripp and HWilson in attendance


Call to Order:     7:38


Minutes from the meeting of Jan 6th were distributed.

Motion:                                JL moved to approve the minutes as written; JH 2nd, carried 5-0


Treasurer’s Report – AT submitted a final P&L for 2008 and a YTD report on delinquencies and reserves.  She and JL will collaborate to produce a quarterly P&L, balance sheet and delinquency report.  Further discussion on delinquencies was tabled for a future meeting pending the progress of current collection efforts.


Landscaping Report – Working from a list that was compiled by Ellice Stern last October, HW reported the status of several things that were done last fall and a few others that were tabled until spring.


JL has agreed to take on a capital reserve study and will report at a future meeting.


Maintenance Report – BM will get several bids for the cost to paint curbs and parking and a separate cost to stripe a line at the curve near the lower island.  The purpose of the latter being to guide vehicles that are exiting the community to keep to the right as opposed to “cutting the corner” and potentially endangering oncoming vehicles in the process.

HW attended a meeting at RA at which there was mention of other clusters managing their snow removal costs with a fixed price/flat rate that applies regardless of how much or how little snow needs to be plowed.  AT volunteered to provide additional info for consideration at a future meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 9:05.


Respectfully submitted,

Judy Holmes