6 January 2009


Heather Knoll Board Meeting convened at 7:28 p.m.


Heidi Wilson – President

Alice Tripp – Treasurer

Brian McCann – VP Maintenance and Landscaping

Jim LaJeunesse – VP Communications

Judy Holmes – Secretary


Landscaping – Ellice does an outstanding job and she has agreed to continue as chair of the Landscaping Committee.

Communications –A quarterly newsletter will be initiated and will be distributed with the quarterly dues notices.

Treasurer – A couple of owners are at least 1 quarter behind from 2008 and one owner is 2 quarters behind.  A lengthy discussion ensued with concerns expressed and discussed; however, there was not a consensus of opinion as to what action should be taken.  See motion 6 below.


Successful Motions:

  1. Combine the offices of Maintenance and Landscaping – JH/AT   5-0
  2. Create the office of VP of Communications – JH/AT   5-0
  3. Elect the officers above – BM/AT   5-0
  4. Approve the minutes of the 2008 Annual Meeting and November Board Meeting – JL/BM   5-0
  5. Approve the monthly minutes via e-mail and then distribute to the community – JL/BM   5-0
  6. If the owner who is most in arrears doesn’t make the account current within 7 days, the President and the Treasurer will approach them in person to make arrangements that are satisfactory to the board – HW/BM   3-0-2


Board meetings will be held the 2nd Wed of every odd month at 7:30 and will rotate between board members’ residences.  The location of each meeting will be communicated via e-mail 2 weeks prior to the meeting.  For those who don’t have or use e-mail, a printed message will be leafleted to them.


The meeting adjourned at 8:42.


Respectfully submitted,

Judy Holmes