Heather Knoll Cluster Association

Annual Meeting

November 13, 2019


The meeting, held at Buzz Aldrin Elementary School, was called to order at 7:05 p.m.

Board Members present:  Craig Downie (1200), Tim Schick (1223), Lee Thompson (1264), Cate Fulkerson (1237), and Petra Raymond (1243).


Residents in Attendance:  Doug Raymond (1243), Alba Thompson (1264), Judy Holmes (1276), Edie Fleming (1249), Erin Regen (1274), Naomi Schick (1223), Michelle Coddington (1212), Fred Souke & Jayne Helmig (1211), Henry Brownstein (1268), and Eileen Hudome  (1215)).


Representatives of the Cluster’s landscaping contractor, Environmental Enhancements, discussed the progress that has been made with the switch to organic lawn treatments, and the challenges that they face.  Several residents identified concerns that need to be followed up on and the contractors agreed to conduct a neighborhood walkthrough with a board member to review them.


Arborist Chip Johnson discussed tree work that occurred over the last year, along with anticipated work that is coming up.


President Craig Downie reviewed the accomplishments of the previous year.

1.      2019 Priority Projects: The board identified landscape work, storm water mitigation, erosion remediation and repair of sidewalks where water pools as the primary areas of focus for the year, to include but not limited to the following:

a.       Removed dead Leyland Cypress at 1249

b.      Removed two dead trees behind 1223-1225c. Identified 12 white pines that require removal per the 10-year master plan.

c.       Removed dead tree near 1237

d.      Removed dead tree near 1235

e.      Removed diseased/dying trees behind 1215-1217 and 1264-68 that endangered the properties

f.        Removed various dead wood from trees and pruned common property trees to allow more daylight and open up areas

g.       Addressed drainage issue at Cluster entrance where water was pooling/freezing; extended river rock basin behind 1200-1206; and, created river rock basin behind 1210-1216.

h.      Engaged with Fairfax County on the stream bed (known officially as Piney Trib @ Lamplighter Way) located behind 1219-1225.  The project has been deemed to not be a priority for the county now.


2.      The Board approved 2019 contracts with Environmental Enhancements for:

a.       Mosquito control during 2019 using organic materials.

b.      Grub and fungus control

c.       Lime treatments

d.      [FYI - Four homeowners opted out of the treatments and EE is aware]


3.      The Board addressed work to be performed by the landscape contractors including, complaints from residents regarding moss and replacement of sod damaged by snow plowing.


4.      The Board addressed various complaints/issues raised by homeowners related to common areas, and compliance with Cluster Rules.


5.      The Board provided support to the home external painting effort. Only one building remains yet to be painted in 2020.


6.      The Board approved a 2020 contract with EE for landscaping services and snow removal services. This will allow Heather Knoll to complete the three-year organic program that only began in fall 2018 but which was approved at the 2017 Annual Meeting.


After determining that a quorum was present, nominations were received foe two open positions on the Board of Directors.


Incumbents Cate Fulkerson and Timothy Schick were nominated for the position. There were no other nominated and they were declared elected.


Treasurer Petra Raymond reviewed the budget for 2020. Board members noted that depending on the amount of tree work and landscape work that may be necessary in the coming year, a mid-year assessment may have to be considered.


Raymond reviewed the proposed budget which call for spending of $59,343.78. Although spending is in line with the 2019 budget, we will not have the benefit of a surplus, which was used to offset fees and cover unexpected expenses during 2019.


The budget sets the quarterly homeowner fees at:


End Unit

Interior Unit




















m/Doug Raymond s/ Michelle Coddington the budget for 2020 was accepted.


m/Doug Raymond s/ Michelle Coddington The minutes of the 2018 annual meeting were accepted.


Residents raised questions about considering limiting the number of renters in the community, and more closely regulating the maintenance of private yards.


The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Tim Schick