Heather Knoll Cluster Association

Annual Meeting

November 8, 2017


The meeting, held at Buzz Aldrin Elementary School, was called to order at 7:35 p.m.

Board Members present:Craig Downie (1200), Tim Schick (1223), Lee Thompson (1264) and Petra Raymond (1243).


Residents in Attendance: Heidi Wilson (1225) Brad Wilson (1225) Judy Holmes (1270) Fred Souke & Jayne Helmig (1211) Naomi Schick (1223) Jennie Donnellon (1239) Alba Thompson (1264) Doug Raymond (1243) Erin Regen (1274) Rob McCoy (1221) Amy Bohnslov (1212) Michelle Coddington (1212) and Matt Roland (1257)


Representatives of the associationís landscape contractor, Environmental Enhancements, made a presentation on the use of organic materials weed and insect control and fertilization of lawns. Board members said a switch to organic law treatments would be discussed by the board.


The minutes of the 2016 meeting were approved as written, the motion to accept made by Doug Raymond, and seconded by Craig Downie.


Treasurer Petra Raymond reviewed the Associationís income and expenses for 2017 and the proposed 2018 proposed budget. The 2018 budget calls for an annual increase in HOA fee of $16 per year with the increases being applied to reserve accounts. The quarterly fees for inside units will e $481.00 and for outside unit $514.


On a motion by Judy Holmes, seconded by several the budget and fees were approved.


Craig Downie and Brad Wilson were nominated for two open board seats. On a motion by Tim Schick, seconded by Doug Raymond. Residents voted unanimously to close nominations.Downie and Wilson were declared elected without opposition.


Treasurer Petra Raymond reviewed the house painting schedule.


Landscape Committee Chair Judy Holmes reviewed the work of the landscape Committee


President Craig Downie reviewed the accomplishments of 2017:


       Removal of trash & clean up of woods

       New landscape and snow removal contracts through competitive bidding

       Researched higher interest rates on reserve accounts

       Repaved street

       Repainted curbs

       Sidewalk repairs

       Painting of houses

       Mailbox repair

       Streetlight repair

       Erosion abatement work

       Landscape work on Islands and tree replacements in accordance with the master plan


President Craig Downie outlined major projects for 2018, which include: 

Work on Drainage Issues and continuation of implementation of the 10-year master landscape plan.


The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Tim Schick