Heather Knoll Cluster Association

Annual Meeting

November 15, 2016


The meeting, held at Buzz Aldrin Elementary School, was called to order at 7:18 p.m.

Board Members present:  Craig Downie (1200), Tim Schick (1223), Bob Dilger (1268), Lee Thompson (1264) and Petra Raymond (1243).


Residents in Attendance: Heidi Wilson (1228) Mary Ann McGovern (1221) Judy Holmes (1270) Fred Souke & Jayne Helmig (1211) Jennie Donnellon (1239) Kurt Lane (1229) Alba Thompson (1264) and Doug Raymond (1243)


The minutes of the 2015 meeting were approved as written, the motion to accept made by Craig Downie and seconded by Judy Holmes.


President Craig Downie reviewed the accomplishments of 2016:

* Erosion mitigation Behind 1219-1257

* Tree removal behind 1211

* Addressed drainage issue between 1233 and 1241

* Re-competing landscaping and snow removal contracts Landscape proposals were due by November 15th and the Board will conduct analysis to discuss and select the best contract

* House Painting Communication & Reserve Paint Status Updates to homeowners

* Reserve Fund Analysis and Decisions

* Community Review of Erosion Issues with Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District

* Designated area to the left of the Wiehle Ave. exit path as a no-treat zone for insecticides and fertilizers

* Board approved redesigned billing statements and notices. The revisions contain a clearer explanation of what is owed and any past due amounts

* Established Charter for Landscape Committee

* Voluntary efforts of landscaping committee and volunteers to clean up the entrance

* Repair of Stop sign at entrance

Broken lights in forest path along Woodbrook Ln was fixed

* Light on the island in front of 1233 was repaired and tree trimmed

community social BBQ


Judy Holmes reviewed the work of the landscape Committee


Petra Raymond detailed the findings of her review of the paint reserve.  


Bob Dilger presented the findings of the roof reserve and paving reserve fund studies; and praised the Treasurer for her work in updating and improving the Cluster's bookkeeping and financial systems.


Treasurer Petra Raymond reviewed annual expenditures and presented the board proposed 2017 budget. The 2017 budget provided for operating fund expenditures of $55,930. Quarterly HOA fees will be set at $510 for end units and $477 for inside units.


HOA fees were calculated on an estimated basis for landscaping costs. After a landscape contractor is selected, the impact to fees will be determined and communicated out to the community.


In response to a question from Judy Holmes concerning the use of any funds that might remain from the 2016 operating budget, Bob Dilger indicated that the Board would address that issue at its January monthly meeting and that if any funds did remain that any overages for snow removal and the rebidding of the landscape contract would likely take priority.


On a motion by Heidi Wilson, seconded by Bob Dilger the budget and fees were approved.


President Craig Downie outlined major projects for 2017, which include: 

a. Milling and repaving of the road and two paths, and curb staining

b. House Painting

c. Work on Drainage Issues and Landscaping behind 1219-1257 in accordance with the 10-year master landscape plan.


Nominations were conducted for two board seats whose terms were expiring. Incumbents Tim Schick and Lee Thompson were nominated. On a motion by Heidi Wilson, seconded by Mary Ann McGovern, nominations were closed and the nominees declared elected.


On a motion by Tim Schick, seconded by Lee Thompson the meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Tim Schick